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A Catered Affair

A Catered Affair with Connie offers full service solutions to ensure that your event is managed to perfection.


Select from our varied offerings to create an experience that is delicious and memorable. View a representative menu.


Our staff brings the experience of planning and delivering thousands of events to your unique situation. Our talented team has worked together for many years and through our event planning, we can ensure an experience that is exceptional.

Preferred Venues

  1. Windsong Estate                                               970-686-9690
  2. Sweetheart Winery                                            970-214-3947
  3. The Garden Room                                             970-663-0301
  4. Della Terra Mt Chateau                                    970-586-2501
  5. The McCreery House                                         970-278-1848
  6. The Rialto Theatre                                            970-962-2120
  7. The Lincoln Center                                            970-221-6733
  8. Rockin S Ranch                                                  970-227-8009
  9. The Lodge at Mackenzie Place                         970-207-1939

Planning an Event?

Planning an Event?

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